Thursday, March 29, 2007

Introducing myself

I hope people will forgive me if I ramble here...

It's interesting being the owner of a New Age store when some of your favorite websites espouse, shall we say, a decidedly skeptical point of view. I will turning a skeptical eye on what I consider to some of the more outrageous claims of the New Age movement, or at least some of the worst scams. I also hope to examine various belief systems. Some may come in for a drubbing, but I expect those to be mostly the ones that take an attitude of "My way or the highway," e.g. the worst excesses of the Religious Right, or the Church of Scientology. I consider myself to be a Pagan with a pantheistic emphasis, but I also view spiritual and religious beliefs to be personal matters. One should not use them to run other people's lives.

I have other plans for this blog as well. I chose the title of the blog partly because I'm a Pagan, and partly because I do a lot of crafts. I expect the title to fit both literally by discussing assorted crafts that I do, and figuratively to describe some of my efforts at personal improvement.

Since others cover the political landscape far better than I possibly could, I do not expect to talk about politics much except as regards the establishment clause of the First Amendment. That one's kinda personal, okay.