Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Promised Pictures and Here They Are (Take 2)

This is my second attempt at posting these pictures. The first attempt failed because I needed to debug an HTML widget before posting anything.

I ultimately used the Elmore Two Color Hoist-on foundation for starting my square although the first photo shows a standard foundation built on chain stitch. I'll try to get video of the hoist-on foundation when I start my next square. At the rate things are going though, closing up my store is taking too much time for me to finish this square by month's end, much less do two. Fortunately, the coordinator of this project isn't too concerned about the deadline.

Picture of the yarn and an afghan hook:

Sadly the hook is a bit dinged, but it works which the main thing I care about. I hadn't yet decided to try the two color foundation when I took this picture, but it suffices to show the kinship between Tunisian crochet and knitting.

Pictures of an illuminated crochet hook:

Turned off


Lit in the dark


Gina said...

Send us the square! All squares will make it into a blanket...eventually!

Breigh said...

haha you must look like a knitting JEDI with that thing on in the dark :P

Rhoadan said...

Crochet. It's a crochet hook. The light up knitting needles are on lit on their tips only. *sigh*

Tiga said...

You must be one of those Sith knitters - what with being on the dark side with the crochet and all ;).

Anonymous said...

Some people are asking about the "hoist on method" on Ravelry. (If you don't have it, yet, you should get it. Totally worth it!)

I was wondering if you had made your video yet or if you could share some instructions as that book is out of print now.