Thursday, March 29, 2007

Introducing myself

I hope people will forgive me if I ramble here...

It's interesting being the owner of a New Age store when some of your favorite websites espouse, shall we say, a decidedly skeptical point of view. I will turning a skeptical eye on what I consider to some of the more outrageous claims of the New Age movement, or at least some of the worst scams. I also hope to examine various belief systems. Some may come in for a drubbing, but I expect those to be mostly the ones that take an attitude of "My way or the highway," e.g. the worst excesses of the Religious Right, or the Church of Scientology. I consider myself to be a Pagan with a pantheistic emphasis, but I also view spiritual and religious beliefs to be personal matters. One should not use them to run other people's lives.

I have other plans for this blog as well. I chose the title of the blog partly because I'm a Pagan, and partly because I do a lot of crafts. I expect the title to fit both literally by discussing assorted crafts that I do, and figuratively to describe some of my efforts at personal improvement.

Since others cover the political landscape far better than I possibly could, I do not expect to talk about politics much except as regards the establishment clause of the First Amendment. That one's kinda personal, okay.


Nancy Lebovitz said...

Welcome to blogistan. I'm interested in how you combine skepticism and paganism/pantheism.

Rhoadan said...

That's an interesting question, and one I'm probably going explore in subsequent posts. I can't see doing it in one short comment.