Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cool Crochet Tool: Illuminated Hook

I recently got a Crochet Lite hook (size H/5mm) from Clover. It's modeled on Clover's Soft Touch hook (which I also have in the same size), and the batteries and switch are in the handle. Watch out when you remove the plastic bit that keeps the batteries off the contacts. One of the batteries tried to escape when I did it. It almost succeeded too. The actual hook is made of clear plastic, so it glows from where it emerges from the handle to the tip.

How it handles: Pretty nicely, actually. I usually have problems with plastic hooks snagging yarn or thread on the molding line. This hook is smooth enough not to have that problem, although the thread doesn't slide on and off as easily it does with the Soft Touch. This appears to be a difference in the amount of friction. The light is useful when you find yourself in a situation like I did tonight, waiting for a bus after dark. It let me see what I was doing with the stitches although sadly, it's not quite bright enough to read the pattern by.

I've only seen them in one place so far, MLYS on South Street, a little place called Nangellini. Michael's and AC Moore don't have it, at least not yet, and not in Philly. Anyway, I suggest that any readers not in Philadelphia ask TLYS to carry it.

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